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We are excited that you are choosing Choice to assist you with your employment needs. We will do everything and anything we can to help you and make your registration process as easy as possible.

When you arrive for you scheduled appointment with Choice please provide us with the two forms of government ID, including not limited to a license and social security card, birth certificate and passport. If you need further clarification please refer to our “Favorite Forms” section.
bring several copies of your resume
be sure to dress as you would for any professional interview
please bring patience and allow time to be tested and interviewed*

Upon arrival at our offices you will be greeted by our receptionist. She will take your name and make your staffing associate aware of your arrival. We will then begin the registration process by providing you with forms to fill out, including:
I-9 (to prove your United States residency)
W-4 (to ensure your payroll and tax information is accurate)
release and authorization for background screening
reference request form
Choice’s application page

Once your paperwork is complete, the receptionist will enter your information into our database and you will then move onto the next phase of your registration.
*We use a testing site called ProveIt, if you have already tested using this site within the past three months and can provide is with your scores, please do so. These tests are designed to measure your aptitude on various software programs and basic office skills. They do not determine whether or not we will employ you. These tests help us to place you in the best possible environment.

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